Building routine for potty training

Providing your little one with consistency and routine is important when adding toilet training into their day. Don’t wait for them to tell you they need to go, start off by sitting your Big Kid on the potty every hour, or at set times across the day such as meal times, naps and bedtime. Try setting an egg timer to go off at set intervals to prompt them to sit on the potty. The timer might help to make potty training more exciting for them too; most kids love the ringing noise timers make so the fun factor will make it easier on you all.

Getting your family and friends involved

Every child grasps potty training differently, so remember to go at the pace of your toddler. Make sure any care providers, family and friends involved in influencing the potty training process are aware of your personal training plan. If everyone involved in their potty training is on the same page, then your little one will feel confident and supported, even if they’re in a different setting.

Keeping your little one motivated

Try introducing rewards to get them excited about using the potty. This could be a funny dance, watching a programme or adding a sticker to a reward chart. If you use a potty training chart, overtime you can track your little ones progress to see if you notice a pattern developing and adjust your potty prompts accordingly.

Having a break is ok

While switching from nappies and nappy pants to Huggies® Pull-Ups® can help you to establish a routine from day one, our research shows that 42% of parents claim to have taken a break from potty training after they’ve started. If this happens, be sure to remain in Huggies® Pull-Ups® as this sends a clear message to your Big Kid that they’ve moved on, even if they haven’t quite mastered using a potty.

Potty training methods

In the early stages, it’s important that your Big Kid understands what using a toilet is for; keeping your bathroom door open whilst you’re using it helps them to make this connection. Talk to them openly about the toilet and explain that everyone involved in their potty training journey uses the toilet for poos and wees.

Learn wet from dry

Learning the difference between wet from dry might be tricky for your little one to grasp. Accidents will help you to explain the difference between a wet pull-up and a dry pull-up. You could try a game or activity using wet and dry things to let them decide which one they think feels nicer. With Huggies® Pull-Ups®, there’s a handy logo on the front which fades when your Big Kid has had an accident. Also built into the Huggies, is a handy learning layer to help teach them the feeling of wet underwear without any mess. If this happens, it’s important to still sit them down on the potty calmly to reinforce where wees and poos go before putting on a fresh pull-up.

Normalise the potty

The main method of potty training is to build a routine which incorporates the potty into their existing daytime routine. From setting an egg timer to getting them to use the toilet at set times, these tactics will help make using the potty and toilet feel natural and normal to them.