How to Dress While Potty Training

Once you’ve moved on from nappies and nappy pants, it’s important to get your Big Kid excited about their toilet training journey. Start by choosing from the range of Huggies® Pull-Ups® with different colours and characters. Following on from this, once they’re ready to start wearing underwear, choose new underwear with them, in designs they’ll enjoy wearing.

Best potty training clothes

When it comes to dressing boys and girls, the less clothes they wear in the early stages, the better. The key to making them feel more confident is to dress them in practical, loose clothing they can easily take off themselves. Of course, they might need a little practice to start off with, so trousers with an elasticated waist are ideal. Also clothing that drop down to the ankles, allows your little one to sit comfortably in the optimum ‘knees apart’ toilet position.

More practical options

  • Loose fitting trousers or shorts with an elasticated waist
  • Stretchy leggings
  • Dresses and skirts as these are easy to lift up when using the potty
  • Huggies® Pull-Ups® potty training pants

Clothes to avoid

  • Tights can be tricky to take down far enough when sitting on the potty
  • Dungarees, overalls and all-in-ones might look pretty, but can be difficult to unfasten quickly
  • T-shirts and vests that do up under the crotch
  • Items that need to be 'hand-washed' or 'dry-cleaned only'
  • Clothing with a zip or button

How to Dress While Potty Training