How to start night time potty training

Night time training is very different to daytime training and is dependent on the mental maturity of each individual child. Until your child has started to show signs of staying dry at night, or is asking to wear underwear to bed, then it’s usually best to wait. Try not to worry, we’re all different.

Potty training at night

The number one rule when night time potty training is it should only be introduced once they’re comfortably dry during the day and they feel ready. It’s recommended that waiting 6 months after they’re dry is the best way to introduce going dry at night without overwhelming them. However, if you and your child think that going dry is achievable now, then try it out!

Why do kids wet the bed?

Our bladder sends signals to the brain to indicate it’s full which is how we know to wake up to use the toilet. Some children haven’t formed this connection yet, resulting in the brain not responding to these signals.

Children, especially at a young age, might not understand why they are wetting the bed, so explain what’s going on. Be clear it isn’t their fault and reassure them they will become dry at night in their own time.

How to potty train at night

Potty training at night can be one of the trickier situations you come across in parenthood and there’s isn’t a quick fix – when your child is ready, they will grow into being dry.

However, there are three things to keep in mind when starting night time potty training to give you better peace of mind.

  • Keep patient

    Much like potty training during the day - the most important thing to remember when helping your Big Kid stay dry at night is to remain patient and calm. This change to being dry won’t happen over night and it’s important to remember that they will become dry in the night eventually.

  • Prepare

    In the first few weeks of letting your child train at night, prepare yourself for a fair few accidents. Keep some clean sheets and extra pyjamas on stand by because accidents are inevitable but that’s ok.

  • Try it out

    Once your Big Kid is dry during the day, the best way to tell if they’re ready is by simply trying it out. Sit down with your little one during the day and let them know that they’re going to start becoming a Big Kid at night. Get them excited by adding a little reward for every night they stay dry at night.

  • Be consistent from the start

    From the very beginning of the potty training journey, being consistent helps make the process easier for all involved. With extra absorbency for increased protection; Huggies® Pull-Ups® Night Time ensure your child stays dry during the night without having to revert back to nappies – making them feel like the Big Kid they are.

No need to rush

Keep in mind that bedwetting is a common phase of a child’s development, and one that most children grow out of in their own time – it just takes some longer than others.