Potty training problems and solutions

During your little one’s potty training journey, problems might occur which prevent them from achieving potty success. These could include developing a fear of the potty, an unexpected illness such as a UTI, or a life event occurring. Of course, accidents will happen and can persist for longer than expected. In many cases, potty training will be successfully achieved in a number of weeks and in others, it might take months or years. On average it takes eight months, or more, to successfully potty training children but we understand that everyone is different. Let your Big Kid lead the way and remember, it’s very normal to take a break from training if necessary.

Further potty training solutions

Huggies® Pull-Ups® offer parents and caregivers tips, tricks and knowledge about potty training. Real-life stories from parents and potty training expert’s advice are only a few clicks away and remember, you’re not alone; Huggies® Pull-Ups® are here to help.