Potty training on holiday

Going on holiday can be lots of fun, and by following these simple tips potty training can successfully be maintained.

Potty training whilst away

It’s often the case when they’re taken out of the everyday routine of being at home, children will struggle to maintain a consistent potty training routine. Being away from the familiarities of home can not only feel overwhelming and decrease their confidence but the distractions of having fun on holiday can often take priority over sitting on the potty.


Keep on track

Keeping a consistent routine is one of the most important factors for your little one to achieve toilet success. Here are our five tips to keeping on top of potty training whilst away.

1. Take toilet breaks as much as possible

When you’re on a long drive or queueing at the airport, check in on your little one regularly to see if they need the toilet. Keep a consistent conversation going to let them know that they can still use the potty when they need to, even out of the home. It’s useful to keep track of how much they are drinking so you’ll know when they might potentially need the toilet – but be sure to not limit how much they drink, especially if you’re in a hot destination.

2. Introducing your special holiday potty

If you’re going away somewhere you or your child hasn’t been before and you’re unsure of where the nearest toilets will be, try buying a travel potty. Sit down with your child and get them familiar with it beforehand to help them understand that this is where they go when on holiday. You can purchase fun travel potty’s that double as something that your child can carry, giving them more independence and excitement for using the potty on their holiday adventures.

3. Find some familiarity

It’s understandable for your child to feel overwhelmed and thrown off of their usual potty training routine whilst on holiday – especially when there are unfamiliar toilets and places to use the potty. Adding some elements of home to their potty training routine whilst away can make your child feel more comfortable and familiar. Perhaps there’s a certain toy they like to bring to the toilet with them or even a certain smell that they can associate with home. Find ways to make their toilet routine feel more recognisable to them.

4. Come prepared

When potty training outside of the home, there’s bound to be accidents and mishaps. Even if your child spends most of their time dry at home, being away from home for a long period of time may still throw them off. It’s always a good idea to bring a lot of spare clothes on your trip – and disposable bags- as you’ll never know when you may need them.

5. Use Huggies® Pull-Ups®

Huggies® Pull-Ups® make for ideal support when accidents might be a bit more regular. With the look and feel of real underwear, this keeps your little one feeling proud of being an independent Big Kid whilst still providing secure protection for those moments.

Remember to have fun

Holidays should always be fun, but it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on potty training. Make using the potty in different places an adventure to improve their potty confidence and help them on their way to being a Big Kid.