Potty Training & Constipation

Constipation can make potty training harder and less straightforward but there are some simple solutions you can do at home.

What is constipation

Constipation will happen when the poo travelling through the small intestine sits inside a bit too long, causing a hard consistency which is hard to pass.

Although sometimes there are no immediate causes for constipation, there are some common reasons your child might be constipated including:

  • Not enough fibre in their diet
  • Being dehydrated
  • Not being active enough
  • Ignoring the urge to go to the toilet
  • Stress and anxiety

Signs of constipation

Although some may not indicate constipation exactly, the following are common signs that your child may be constipated:

  • They are pooing less than three times a week
  • Low energy
  • Being irritable, angry or unhappy
  • Straining on the potty
  • Multiple accidents

The best way to know if your child is constipated is simply by checking the consistency of their poo. If it looks and feels hard and dry, they are most likely experiencing constipation.

Poo withholding

A common cause for constipation whilst potty training is poo withholding. When a child experiences poo anxiety, they often hold in their poo instead of going when they need to. Read more about it and the solutions here.

How to cure constipation

Although constipation can be uncomfortable, it can be treated fairly quickly. Below are some easy ways you can treat your child's constipation:

1.Drink more water – The more hydrated they are, the softer their poo will be

2.Get them more active – Staying active can help activate their system

3.Eat more fibre – Foods that are high in fibre such as fruit, veg and cereal help soften the poo, making it easier to pass

4.Sit upright on the potty – Keeping their back straight can help the poo come out with more ease