Potty Training Regressions

Are you feeling like your child started to get the hang of using the potty but they’re recently having more accidents than usual, or they’ve reverted back to where you started? You're not alone, it’s more common than you think. Being consistent and aware will help you on your potty training journey.

Refusing to potty train

Some children can be more challenging than others to toilet train, therefore forming a new routine will help them learn to use the potty in and around their existing daily routine. Remember, it can take time to establish a new routine but consistency is key. Offer them incentives and rewards for their attempts and if they’re resisting, take a short break and try again another time.


One of the biggest factors in potty training regression is the child feeling too stressed to use the toilet. If you believe that your child is finding toilet training too stressful, try introducing some fun back into their routine. Using stickers to let them decorate their potty, playing games and singing songs while on the potty are great ways to help your child feel more at ease using it.

Lifestyle change

Sometimes, changes in their day to day routine can affect your child's attitude to and confidence in potty training. Has your child had a recent change in their day to day routine?

Some typical scenarios include:

  • Change of attending nursery or school
  • A new addition to the family such as a sibling
  • Moving house

It is often the same milestones in our own lives that we get affected by; the changes that shake our worlds a little, that indeed affect little ones too. You're in this together and finding a time that suits you both while looking for typical signs of readiness will help you to keep the consistency you need to reach toilet success.

Poo anxiety

Feeling nervous about going for a poo is common amongst children who are in the stages of potty training. This feeling of apprehension can sometimes be known as poo anxiety. Pooing into the toilet can be daunting for some kids, especially if they’re worried about their poo hurting them, receiving splashback and even the sensation of the poo no longer sitting in their nappies which has always been familiar to them.

Our potty training solution

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