When to start potty training?

Waiting for signs your Big Kid is ready for potty training is the best way of knowing when it’s time to start, but we also know how fluid the term, ‘ready’ really is. Typical readiness signs include your child wanting to wear underwear, telling you they’ve had a poor or wee and wanting to be changed, or showing an interest in the potty or toilet. These are all positive signs that they’re leading the way in their own potty training journey. It’s important to wait until they’re ready and not start for various reasons including the pressure to potty training them by a certain age. It’s all about knowing what is best for you all.

Further potty training solutions

Potty training isn’t a quick process, but here at Huggies® Pull-Ups®, we have a wealth of tips, tricks and knowledge available to help you and your Big Kid. Seek advice from our potty training experts, or check out the real-life stories from parents.