Signs of Potty Training Readiness

Looking out for signs that your Big Kid is ready to start potty training is a sure-fire way to know when it’s time to start, but being ‘ready’ is somewhat prescriptive to every individual child and parent. We all learn differently.

However, there are some typical signs to indicate readiness that will give you a helpful guide. After all, taking cues from your Big Kid will help their independence shine through, making for a more cooperative journey:

  • Pulling at their nappy: if your child is showing discomfort when they’ve soiled their nappy, trying to pull it down or off – this can indicate they are ready to move on and try the toilet
  • Hiding when they have a poo or wee: if your Big Kid is becoming embarrassed about pooing or weeing in their nappy, this could mean they are understanding that there is an alterantive – the toilet
  • Showing an interest in the toilet: If they are watching you or others on the toilet and are starting to ask questions, or wanting to sit on the toilet themselves - go with it
  • Good bladder control: If their nappy is dry for long periods of time, it indicates they have good bladder control and could be ready to move to training pants
  • Announcing it: if your child is telling you they’ve had a poo or wee and asking to be changed, they are demonstrating knowledge that it’s time to move on

These are all positive signs that your Big Kid is leading the way in their own potty training journey. Just try to remember, there’s no pressure to start, it’s all about knowing what is best for you all.